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After each round of design updates in the product development process, we create physical prototypes to physically test and evaluate the design concept from the perspective of anatomy, form, and function to ensure everything works as intended.

GSC recognizes the significance of prototyping and put it at the center of our business. Our expert designers will guide you through each step and provide you with suggestions and critical analysis, which will help you make the best decisions and move forward in production with the right design for your product. It allows you to fully understand your design before committing to your production costs and helps you solve problems without having to buy materials in commercial quantities.The goal of service prototyping is to replicate the final experience with the service as closely as possible, testing and validating all design choices. The complexity of modeling is due to the fact that a service exists only after it has been delivered, and when testing the experience of using a particular touchpoint (such as a mobile application) may be relative, the entire path of one’s various components. Validating service is always difficult (especially when there are physical locations or interactions with service personnel). The more a service is spread across different touch points, the more service prototypes need to be organized at scale, with a specific story to follow. Points of contact can be drawn with varying levels of accuracy, but at this stage they are usually fairly well defined.

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Quailty Prototyping

When it comes to high quality prototyping, there is no better prototype design company than GSC. As one of the best prototyping companies around, we have the power to create a functional, highly engaging and sophisticated product prototype by implementing our own prototype manufacturing process, who specializes in search prototyping. Through professional fast prototyping services, our engineers can turn designs into prototypes that can be tested and increased their understanding of how a product works before investing large sums of money in mass production.