Web Applications

Web applications development and custom programming services covers everything from simple content management systems to the most complex web-based internet applications, workflow interfaces, social media development services, and e-commerce portals. Generics provides comprehensive services to meet your web development needs, from analytics to compilation and support.

B2B & B2C Web Application Development
Saas based Application Development (Software as a service)

Combining cross-industry experience and cutting-edge technology, we design web development and application solutions for businesses (supply chain management, affiliate distributors, manufacturers and wholesalers) and businesses (consumers and product sales directly to consumers).

 Our development services are:

Saas based Application Development (Software as a service)

GSC provides end-to-end SaaS development services. Merging product development with
code quality and stability, as well as improved UX / UI design for conversion.If your company
wants to develop software, it is worth considering whether forming a SaaS product is the finest option. Using tech with innovation and intuitive UX / UI design techniques to create the
strongest SaaS products to propose in the market.

Combining industry expertise and exclusive technology, we design web development and application solutions for businesses (supply chain management, affiliate distributors, manufacturers and wholesalers) and businesses (consumers and selling products directly to consumers).

Saas based application
B2B web

B2B Website Development

We create most efficient and catchy web applications for small, medium and large enterprises. Our exceptional B2B website development services help businesses, partners, and clients in providing their own services to end users.

B2C Website Development

With the help of our web development team, we help our clients to display their business and create an effective presence worldwide. Also we create a user-friendly website for your business, to interact directly with your users and targeted audience.

B2C Web
B2B App dev

B2B Application Development

This generation is more towards digitalization and tech based solutions. Since, we are covered with a world of smartphones and app based devices. Therefore, for your ease, we create exclusive B2B applications that are easy to operate to acquire your business goals.

B2C Application Development

If you choose GSC for your B2C application, you can manage your products and services and allow buyers to place orders. When developing applications, we integrate the key features of online business into mobile applications.

B2C App dev
E-commerce Dev

Ecommerce Development

With our vertical e-commerce development services, we also help multi-sellers and end customers to choose the right product or service with full product and service specification.

Social Networking Development

You can interact with your users and share the platform with your end users with the assistance of our team. With the help of our social networking services you can achieve a reliable network.

Social Network dev