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Software Design / Development

Our software development services span software application for web software, cloud software, enterprise software and mobile applications. When you outsource your software development needs, you get a team of experienced software designers, developers and software testers to work on your projects. We are a renowned software development company with a track record of successfully developing many complex software systems using a variety of technologies for a variety of industries. We are proud to have developed many software systems from the initial concept development stage to the successful deployment of a product that meets all the goals of the client. Our technical competence and processes are fully focused on solving the real problems of the customers, providing solutions with proper understanding of customer requirements, intelligent solutions, best design and proper implementation. As a company, we are 100% successful in designing, developing, validating and delivering end-to-end software solutions that provide a great return on investment for our customers.

GSC has been also adapting to the latest technology since its inception to adopt and take advantage of the latest technology for the development of the latest software. We have built capabilities in areas of cutting-edge technology such as cloud, machine learning, knowledge services, block chain, UI / UX framework, micro services, application performance and scalability. Whether you are carrying out important missions for the security of our nation, providing life-changing services in developing countries, or at the forefront of business at home and abroad, the key to success in movement and response in the 21st century. Requires. The teams that come up are those whose members can safely access all aspects of their organization, anywhere, anytime.
With skills in a range of technologies, processes, standards and self-developed solutions for implementing projects/programs related to strategy and management, we are able to provide enterprise software architecture and code solutions. We have excelled in the skills required to develop enterprise applications. We have the necessary knowledge to operate in a confined environment and comply with regulatory requirements.

Our software design and development services include:

  1. Design, Development and Implementation of Custom Web and Mobile Applications
  2. Application Architecture
  3. Data Modeling
  4. Performance Tuning
  5. Cross-Functional Collaboration
  6. User Centered Design
  7. Code Development
  8. Usability testing
  9. Integration Support
  10. Data Migration
  11. Deployment Activities
  12. DevOps
  13. Configuration Management/Change Control
  14. User Training
  15. Metrics Reporting
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