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Mobile Applications

GSC helps global brands design and build great digital products for a seamless user experience on all global platforms and devices. Whether it’s a user app or an innovative enterprise-class solution, the company guides the entire mobile applications development process from ideas and concepts to delivery and ongoing support. Application provides a complete round of design, integration and management services.

Hybrid App Development

Our mobile app developers are very familiar with the development  of hybrid app. They build hybrid app using web technology (HTML, CSS & JavaScript) that they use locally.

Android App Development

We at GSC provide mobile app development services that help small and large businesses at affordable prices. Our experienced in house team of mobile application developers with in-depth knowledge of all trend   frameworks, tools, or SDKs for mobile application development, making all kinds of innovative and promising mobile applications.We will definitely provide it. Whether you’re developing Android apps or maintaining Android apps,we provide a complete solution for your business requirements.

E-Commerce Integrated Mobile App

Create a mobile app for your e-commerce business at low cost. Combine this with the most popular ecommerce platforms. Our platform gives you all the benefits of ecommerce applications – without absorbing into your project for months and without adding unnecessary complexity, stress and cost to your life. This is the ultimate “less hassle” route for app stores. Don’t blow up your budget or leave your competitors on Mobile UX. Start building your app store presence smartly and use savings to get more customers and reinvest in the product.

Cloud based system app

Cloud approaches are becoming increasingly popular in the e-commerce and other niche business sectors due to their benefits such as scalability, increased productivity, reduced traffic costs, and significant reductions in equipment costs.

Cloud apps are typically designed in one of three ways: 

  • A local device running a browser and the app looks like a classic web solution
  • Local device running a browser, but when the app starts If it does, it downloads a browser-based application
  • Local device running a native application
IOS App Development

GSC helps companies in all major industries and niches. We help you choose the right technology stack, create the right UX and integrate your application into your existing infrastructure. Our mobile platform will also make the iOS app development process faster and cheaper.IOS apps are developed in a variety of ways, including native iOS apps using the

Objective-C or Swift programming languages

  • IPhone (iOS native apps)
  • IPad (iPadOS native apps)
  • Universal apps (support both iPhone and iPad in one app)
  • Apple Watch (watch OS)