Generic Solutions & Consultants has been in the field of information technology since 2014. We are committed to provide state-of-the-art I.T. solutions to all our customers through cost effective solutions and services of world-class quality in convenient and timely manner.

We demonstrate an attitude and behaviors. This includes organizing and prioritizing your own workload and aiming to deliver work of high quality that meets agreed objectives. We are glad to work effectively with our clients from both our own, and other organizations. We are committed to your development, and take action to address your identified learning and development needs.

Applications Development 98%
Web Designing 95%
Mobile Development 70%
Digital Branding 90%



Generic aims to automate the business world to creating endless possibilities for our clients in terms of ease and feasibility. This could only be possible with good co-ordination and communication, which Generics business & Project team gives most importance to and aims to honor and fulfill every commitment. GS & Consultancy has good firm grip over the understanding of industrial and administrative business processes as well as the various & versatile environments which are the pillars that support the fundamentals of a business.

GS & Consultancys belief over the engineering culture is not only limited to development but extends to the limits of customer handling and product analysis which further on connects clients business ideals to the technical ideology required to develop the basis of the client product, producing a business solution enriched with fast processing modules, mobile connectivity, highly interacting interface &Secured Database analogies.

A task based team of engineers handled by highly trained project managers with guidance of experienced business analysts working in perfect harmonicallysynchronized manner to create a business solution that fulfills the required automation.



Office No.413, 4th Floor Al Fiza Glass Tower, Block - 10/A, Rashid Minhas Road, Gulshan - e - Iqbal Karachi, Pakistan.


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